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English Curriculum

wdt_ID Descriptor Skill GSE CEFR Level
3594 Can understand short, simple questions about things that are in their immediate surroundings, if addressed slowly and clearly (e.g. What's this/that?). Listening 20 Pre A1 PK-K
3595 Can write words in the correct order from left to right. Writing 21 Pre A1 PK-K
3596 Can read some simple high frequency words from their spelling, if supported by pictures (eg. brother, mum). Reading 22 A1 1st
3597 Can recognise initial consonant sounds in familiar words. Listening 23 A1 1st
3598 Can repeat simple expressions with appopriate intonation. Speaking 24 A1 1st
3599 Can recognise the basic intonation pattern for commands. Listening 25 A1 1st
3600 Can recognise familiar words in short phrases and sentences spoken slowly and clearly, if supported by pictures or gestures. Listening 25 A1 1st
3601 Can recognise familiar key words and phrases in short, basic descriptions (e.g. of objects, people or animals), if spoken slowly and clearly. Listening 27 A1 1st
3602 Can get the gist of a simple song, if supported by pictures or gestures. Listening 28 A1 1st
3603 Can understand the main information when people introduce themselves (e.g. name, age, where they are from). Listening 28 A1 1st
3604 Can recognise the intonation pattern of short phrases, yes/no and wh questions. Listening 29 A1 1st
3605 Can talk about common everyday objects using single words, if supported by pictures Speaking 24 A1 2nd
3606 Can recognize some familiar words related to themselves and their family Reading 22 A1 2nd
3607 Can use a question mark to indicate a question Writing 22 A1 2nd
3608 Can recognize basic time words Listening 22 A1 2nd
3609 Can understand simple phrases about the weather, if spoken slowly and clearly Listening 24 A1 2nd
3610 Can understand basic phrases about likes and dislikes Listening 23 A1 2nd
3611 Can understand basic questions about personal details if spoken slowly and clearly and supported by pictures Listening 25 A1 2nd
3612 Can understand basic key words in short notes or messages Reading 29 A1 2nd
3613 Can understand basic information about people's likes and dislikes if supported by pictures Reading 26 A1 2nd
3614 Can understand the time of day when expressed to the half hour Listening 25 A1 2nd
3615 Can describe someone's likes or dislikes in a simple way Speaking 30 A2 3rd - 4th
3616 Can ask simple questions about someone's likes or dislikes Speaking 33 A2 3rd - 4th
3617 Can identify people in their immediate surroundings or in pictures from a short, simple description of their physical appearance and clothes Reading 30 A2 3rd - 4th
3618 Can write short answers to questions about what or where people or things are, using simple language Writing 30 A2 3rd - 4th
Descriptor Skill CEFR Level