Edad cumplida al 15 de Febrero 2023 de acuerdo al Ministerio de Educación Pública.

  • Interactive I - PreK: 3 years
  • Interactive II - Kindergarten: 4 years
  • Transition - Elementary: 5 years


Monday to Friday from 7:15 am to 12:30 pm

  • Area

    At CEABCR, we have professionals trained to give your child a high-level education, which will guide him in the best way at this stage, giving him the physical, psychological and spiritual foundations for his entire life.

  • Spiritual Values and Principles

  • Integral Formation

  • Language

  • Mathematics

  • Literacy


In the middle of the range of educational offers you are in the best place, Centro Educativo Bilingüe de Costa Rica. The Preschool Department of our institution develops different opportunities for a comprehensive education in children, we have a safe and pleasant environment. We develop motivation for learning based on two fundamental pillars, the cognitive area and the spiritual area. From the earliest years we train children with values, a spirit of service, independent and capable of making decisions. Students who make a difference now and in the future in our society. Welcome to our educational community, for us it is a pleasure to serve you!
T. Carla
Coordinator M-PK-S
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